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8 california uramaki2 sake nigiri2 maguro nigiri3 sake maki3 kappa maki..
8 tempura ebi uramaki3 sake nigiri3 maguro nigiri3 avocado maki3 kappa maki..
8 sake uramaki8 tempura ebi uramaki8 spicy maguro uramaki6 sake maki6 kappa maki..
Box4  16 stuks
8 crispy ebi roll8 california roll..
Box5  42 stuks
8 surf & turf roll8 flamed salmon roll8 soft shell ebi roll8 crispy chicken roll5 sake sashimi5 maguro sashimi..
Box6  32 stuks
8 california roll8 tempura ebi roll8 sake roll8 spicy chicken roll..
Family box  66 stuks
8 crispy chicken roll8 sake roll8 tempura ebi roll4 sake nigiri4 maguro nigiri4 ebi nigiri30 maki mix..
3 kani nigiri3 avocado nigiri4 sake nigiri4 maguro nigiri6 kappa maki6 oshinko maki8 rainbow uramaki8 soft shell crab uramaki..
Maanddeal april 32 stuks
8 sake roll8 crispy chicken roll3 sake nigiri3 maguro nigiri5 ebi fry5 spring rolls..
€29.90 €44.90
6 sake maki6 maguro maki6 kani maki6 kappa maki..
4 sake nigiri4 maguro nigiri4 ebi nigiri4 kani nigiri4 tofu nigiri4 avocado nigiri5 sake sashimi5 maguro sashimi8 la uramaki8 spicy maguro uramaki8 tempura ebi uramaki30 maki mix..
Nigiri mix 12 stuks
4 sake nigiri4 maguro nigiri4 ebi nigiri..
€12.20 €16.00
3 sake nigiri3 maguro nigiri3 ebi nigiri3 sake sashimi3 maguro sashimi4 kani maki4 kappa maki..
3 sake nigiri3 maguro nigiri3 avocado nigiri4 oshinko maki4 tamago maki8 california uramaki8 tempura ebi uramaki..
3 tofu nigiri3 avocado nigiri3 tamago nigiri3 kappa maki3 oshinko maki..
3 sake nigiri3 maguro nigiri3 sake maki3 maguro maki..
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